Battle Angel, BDSM, Bipolar, BPD, Break-Ups/Relationships, Broken, daddy, Dark Romance, Letting go, Life Experiences, Love, Mental Health, Obsession, Pain and Loss, Poet, poetry, Prince, Princess, Raw Emotions, Resiliancy, Romance, Roses, strong, Struggle, To be a better a Daddy, To be a better man, warrior


You don’t see me anymore like you used to.

You see? I wore the crown. But, this crown has been shattered and turned upside down.

Now the king wears a forever frown. I am invisible to you now.

Did it ever cross your mind that speaking to each other matters? Do you wanna grow distant in the winds?

The winds are glistening, singing a sad love song. I can hear it and it’s so loud. So, I listen,

I listen to hear your voice, someday. As if I had a choice to sit around and wait for you.

This princess is done waiting so, I’ll let you fade away. Just like the rest. You couldn’t even pass the first test. You’ll continue to fail. I am not second best. So, I put you last.

Self Worth comes first, Boy you are the worst. I can’t fall in love with someone who makes me feel invisible.

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