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I just want to be loved, wanted and adored, just one wish to be kissed, and missed to be taken care of as his baby girl, and princess.

But, tonight was proof he did not want me as his own he let his fears and doubts conquer him. He is afraid of me and scared of a powerful women. He cannot accept a beautiful women in front of him. 

I will walk away in my circle of shame, guilt and emptiness. I will wear my broken crown even if it’s cracked because, my power has not left me. I will not allow myself to anchor down and drown in my own tears of regret. 

I will continue on to build my own castle even, if the prince, runs away or doesn’t return.

I’ve realized that I am alone, I very alone in this realm and part of the matrix. Time has warped the amount of time I have left to even find the one or if he can still search and find his way to me on this forbidden journey.

This journey isn’t over, I am not done climbing the mountain to reach my destiny of happiness and independence. I will climb until, I am certain I reach my full potential of becoming the best woman I can be.

If I am standing alone on top of that mountain, so be it. Some people are just meant to be alone. I can’t say I didn’t try. Humans are just hurt creatures and we are all just in fear of hurting someone or afraid to get to close because, we don’t wanna hurt the other person.

So, I breathe peace, love and light into this air. I ask goddess to put the right one in my path and I break free from any bad energies or people trying to hold me down.

Namaste~Blessed Be Brothers And Sisters. May you find love in another or within yourself, most importantly.


-Frosty Crow

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