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Beautiful Disaster

Shattered eyes, painful memories, broken wings of a butterfly, broken home. Dysfunction, pain, and hate, is all she knows. The unfortunate events, that led her to be the most fragile delicate soul. She could conquer the world, if she wanted. The people who control her. The people who have taken her voice. They told her she didn’t have a choice. 

Mind held hostage, camoflauged love for abuse, a battered, broken muse. Being mistreated, misused. You might as well murder her and silence her soul? You treat her like, she’s some kind of profane being. Some kind of animal ready to be slaughtered and, eated.

What the fuck kind of family allows their child to get raped, trafficked and molested? Oh mother earth, mother earth, what have we done? To our women, to our sons? What have we become? So much hatred breeding through the seeds within. Breeding evil creatures on this planet, breeding demons within people. God’s angels are crying, as he watches his people.

I sit on a rock, on top of a mountain and, pray for better days. Pray for armageddon to go away. Pray for peace and, our sisters and, women to be treated with respect, love and tolerance. Where is the harmony? What is happening is such a tragedy. 

Will we ever wake up from this? Her only escape, is for peace and comfort. Because, everyday, she has suffered.

So my brothers! Quit raping and beating your women.

So my women! Quit controlling and cheating on your husbands.

Dear, lost children, you will find your homes. Dear addicts you are not alone.


Breed love, not hate.


Battle Angel, Bipolar, BPD, Broken, Cosmic, Mothership, pain, Poet, poetry, Raw Emotions, Rising Above, Spirituality, strong, Struggle, truth, Undefeated, warrior, Womanity

House Of Wax

House of wax, burning thin liquid layers down the cracks, hearing mommy and daddy screaming, I can’t hear whose gonna be beat last, the bruises on mommy’s shoulders are blue and black. And She cries every night in spite of what he’s done. Oh angel, oh angel? Tell me how are we supposed to love? In a world so cold and crooked, crooked crosses burning, burn down the house where she stood, crying, trying to catch her breathe, from all the lies, he’s filled her head with.

She just wanted to be loved, she just wanted to be enough, or she just wanted to know that everything she has done for her family was not in vain. Stop saying she’s the one who is insane.

When, she has done everything to try and save herself and climb back up the mountain, she fell off and nearly killed herself. Trying to get there, trying to be strong, cover up the bruises and marks, smile and, pretend it’s all just moving along swiftly. My hands are so shakey and anxitous. I can’t pick up a pen, I can’t sit down and talk to God, I am melting away in this insane, wax pity pot, melting away….”

Someone, find me and, put me back together again. I won’t pretend to be happy.

I know someday, I am going to be solid, I am gold, people won’t bother me, I will be told, I am the girl who once, was broken and beaten, now I am on my own, I can say I did that, I survived.

I will look my beautiful children in the eyes, and say,”Mommy is a warrior goddess, she fucking survived.” ”For that, being said,” ”I am alive, I am survivor, I will keep thriving and surviving this cold world because, my heart is warm with strength, compassion, love and I am fucking soldier.” God’s soldiers never die, we always win!!”



Battle Angel, Bipolar, Cosmic, Hearts, Life Experiences, Love, Mental Health, Poet, poetry, Raw Emotions, Resiliancy, Rising Above, Spiritual, Spirituality, strong, Struggle, Survivalism, Survivor, Tradegy, truth, Undefeated, warrior, Womanity

Peace, Love And, Ruins

Where did the peace go? Peace, lies in the hearts of cowards and weak man. Where are heros? Where are our watchmen and our rescuers? We need the good fight? Our planet is dying and all most of you can do is watch and plunder. 

The love has been overthrown by snakes, rats and vultures sucking up the earth of it’s golden light. Leaching, and bleeding the earth of it’s love, and kindness, it’s shining bright light. It’s strengths and rivers, trees and oxygen, we kill our only inhabitancy. 

Stop bleeding the earth of it’s magic light, find your own magic and breathe your own fresh air, grow within and find your own power and run with it. Stop ruining our soil, stop planting evil seeds in others and wasting our precious earth away.  Wipe your tears, child, life only gets harder. Speak truth to others, speak love into others, heal yourself then, heal those around you. Feel love and give love. Don’t speak darkness and spew darkness into our earth and our communities. 

We have enough sin, in this world. What are you gonna offer this world? What are you gonna offer a begging hand? A crying soldier? A screaming infant? A battered and broken soul? 

Remember we are only on this planet one time, we live one life, so live it well, live well, live simply; help yourself and help others.

Love is a religion and kindness is a religion. Be well, and spread love and kindness like wildfire.









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”Sensitivity to the worlds pain, chaos and, madness,

I call upon my spirits to heal the planet with their mysticism and magic.

I feel the earths energy beneath my palms, all the negativity, the death, dying, hungry, sick and diseased.

I ask and beg God, please, heal her, the planet, she’s bleeding, as, we cocoon ourselves.

She will lock herself in and heal among everything else.”