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Peace Not war, Flowers, Not Guns, Water, Not Blood. Prayers, Not fights. Unity, Harmony, Love, and Peace. End the Violence, End the Killing Sprees. No more looting, no more riots in the streets. Panic, and Anger only damages us.

Fight with love and light. I know we can change as a nation. I see it in plain sight. It starts, with,”You.” You know what your supposed to do. Walk through your spiritual path. The Angels will come and, find you. Show up and Guide You.


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Awakened spirit, young buddha, enlightened one, speechful, presentful, magical, mystical, fill my veins with voodoo, I’ll catch onto you, spit you out and your venom like who knew? I had a clue, it was you all along, casting dark spells, leaving your poisonous trails.

I am a healer, a prayer warrior knealer, hands bloodied, cut up, and bruised, healing myself, healing a nation, healing the sick, healing the poor, healing the addicts.

You won’t last a mile walking a day in my shoes, shoes all torn up, from the floor up. I walk these desert trails, rocks, pebbles, frogs, coyotes and crows.. Crows watch over me, I am the goddess warrior of light, don’t pick a fight, my shine, and light will fire then, burst and ignite. Fuck your darkness, fuck your dark shields, fuck your dark forces of energy.

I got a whole army waiting, locked and loaded with their powerful shields. Come armageddon, come semper fi, put ’em up. Sicker, viscous, and more evil you are. My people vanish and kill you off, like the traitors sent off to be punished for crossing our lands, when, we marked our skin with warrior make up and you skinned us and beat our women and children to take ownership of land. 

Fuck your pride, ego and opinions, I know what side I am on. There’s always a little dark in everyone. So stick close to the light. Be brave child, master what side you have chosen and stick with that one and run.

Battle Angel, Bipolar, Cosmic, Hearts, Life Experiences, Love, Mental Health, Poet, poetry, Raw Emotions, Resiliancy, Rising Above, Spiritual, Spirituality, strong, Struggle, Survivalism, Survivor, Tradegy, truth, Undefeated, warrior, Womanity

Peace, Love And, Ruins

Where did the peace go? Peace, lies in the hearts of cowards and weak man. Where are heros? Where are our watchmen and our rescuers? We need the good fight? Our planet is dying and all most of you can do is watch and plunder. 

The love has been overthrown by snakes, rats and vultures sucking up the earth of it’s golden light. Leaching, and bleeding the earth of it’s love, and kindness, it’s shining bright light. It’s strengths and rivers, trees and oxygen, we kill our only inhabitancy. 

Stop bleeding the earth of it’s magic light, find your own magic and breathe your own fresh air, grow within and find your own power and run with it. Stop ruining our soil, stop planting evil seeds in others and wasting our precious earth away.  Wipe your tears, child, life only gets harder. Speak truth to others, speak love into others, heal yourself then, heal those around you. Feel love and give love. Don’t speak darkness and spew darkness into our earth and our communities. 

We have enough sin, in this world. What are you gonna offer this world? What are you gonna offer a begging hand? A crying soldier? A screaming infant? A battered and broken soul? 

Remember we are only on this planet one time, we live one life, so live it well, live well, live simply; help yourself and help others.

Love is a religion and kindness is a religion. Be well, and spread love and kindness like wildfire.









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”Sensitivity to the worlds pain, chaos and, madness,

I call upon my spirits to heal the planet with their mysticism and magic.

I feel the earths energy beneath my palms, all the negativity, the death, dying, hungry, sick and diseased.

I ask and beg God, please, heal her, the planet, she’s bleeding, as, we cocoon ourselves.

She will lock herself in and heal among everything else.”





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Ms. Psycho

Ms. Psycho,

Psychosis, psychosomatic, dramatic, plagued, cursed, broken, chokin’, voices in my

head, am I the chosen one, the lonely one, sitting alone holding a gun thinking,

Maybe, and why not?

Heaven knows it, angels falling, tears crashing, ashes burning, demons dancing,

Moon Spells, jingling bells, wishing wells, howling wolves, black cats, glistening moonshine,

Stars scattered, planets aligned, soul connections, I face my reflection, every rejection is a lesson, god’s protection,

hate is like a lethal injection, love outlives all, and outweighs and overrules hate,

I try to practice loving my brothers and sisters everyday, even if I don’t feel fully spiritually awake.

Because, you see there are vultures and snakes out there trying to take you down.

Gotta learn to dismiss them all, block ’em all off, and, if anyone makes a attack cut their heads off.

True friends, stay and stick around, when, your down. Fake friends leave when, your down.

That is why, you have to learn to be your own friend and keep loving and guiding yourself on your own spiritual and healing journey.

Don’t trust in others gods; trust your own. Own your throne.